Battlefield 3 Cheats

Our Battlefield 3 Cheats are being used by 250,000 site members right now! Check out the first 30 seconds of the video below showing how our rage kill cheat will kill the entire enemy team without even using a bullet. Also watch how we take down the enemy one by one with our super fast head kill aimbot. All of our 40_ options can be turned on and off inside the game and you can rage kill the entire server or look legit, it’s up to you. We promise nothing is more fun than taking out the enemy at their spawn. Watch the 101 kills on the score board at the end of the video below. Join the best community in the world and download our Battlefield 3 Cheats now click here.

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Amazing Battlefield 3 Hack Video

Check out the Battlefield 3 Hack video below, it shows some amazing knife kills in multiplayer. These were all done with the help of our ESP bounding boxes that allow you to see and find the enemy at anytime during game play. If the enemy is behind an object you can still see them and come in without them detecting you to kill them every single time. Most of our Battlefield 3 Hack users finish a round with 50 or more kills and over 6000 round points. Download the best Battlefield 3 Cheats right now and win every round.

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Battlefield 3 Hack Launch Party

Battlefield 3 Hack launch party at! We will be giving away over $1500 worth of battlefield 3 merchandise when Battlefield 3 releases next week. So go to our website now for all the details and see how you can simply show up and win on October 25th! No other Battlefield 3 Hack and cheat site is offering such amazing prizes.


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Battlefield 3 Cheat Hack Aimbot is Happy to announce we will release the first ever Battlefield 3 cheat hack aimbot for the beta this September! Plans are to release the Battlefield 3 cheat right after the beta is released to PC users. So keep checking daily for the release.

Information on getting the Battlefield 3 Beta is below.

We are happy to announce that the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 Open Beta starts Thursday, September 29th!

Running until October 10th, the Battlefield 3 Open Beta is your chance to play the game early, try out our free social platform Battlelog, and help us make the game even better by sending us your valuable feedback.

If you pre-order Battlefield 3 (PC digital download version) on Origin before September 25th, or if you have registered your first-hand copy (by activating its Online Pass) of Medal of Honor: Limited Edition/Tier 1 Edition, you will get 48 hours early access to the Beta, meaning you can start playing Tuesday, September 27th. The full details on how you will be granted early access is available on our new Beta section.

For Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the Open Beta will be visible on the consoles’ digital marketplaces under Battlefield 3. For PC, you need to install Origin and download the Open Beta from within the Origin application.

For all your Open Beta questions and answers, head to our new Beta section at the official Battlefield 3 site. Enjoy the Beta, and let us know what you think!

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Battlefield 3 Cheats Alpha Test

We are already working on the new Battlefield 3 Alpha as you can see below from the screenshots. De.Bug is coding the first ever Battlefield 3 Cheats and we are testing at so we can release the aimbot sometime during the Battlefield 3 Beta release. No other website offers what we do. Unlock all your weapons, rank up fast and use the best aimbot hack on the face of the planet. Our hack allows you to lock on the enemies head and kill him before he can even see you. The coder also removes all recoil and bullet spread from every weapon in Battlefield 3. The best news is you also get access to every single hack we offer just for becoming a member. So join up now and download our Battlefield 3 Cheats soon.

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Battlefield 3 Cheats

Battlefield 3 Cheats

New Video Release showing off the Battlefield 3 Alpha Gameplay as well as the new Battlefield 3 Rush mode Operation Metro Map in HD. FPSCheats is super excited about the new Battlefield 3 Cheats we are already working on for the release of the beta this fall. That’s right, our coder already has his hands on the Battlefield 3 alpha. No other hack or cheat site has the alpha yet so we plan to be the first site to release our Battlefield 3 Cheats. Check out the new video below and get ready to download at

Battlefield 3 Cheats

Read more about Battlefield 3 Cheats for the PC, Xbox360 and PS3 and download our hacks the second the beta is released at the number one site in the world for first person shooter cheats. We have the deadliest aimbot in the world that allows you to lock onto other players and kill them with a head, neck or torso shot every single time. So unlock all your weapons and rank up super fast using our Battlefield 3 Cheats.

Battlefield 3 Cheats by

We have over 250,000 site subscribers, 500,000 registered users and 10 million posts. No other cheat site in the world has better Battlefield 3 Cheats.

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Jimmy Fallon Battlefield 3 Analysis (PS3)

The long awaited Jimmy Fallon show was on last night to all American viewers, and for those of you who live elsewhere, FPSCheats has you covered.

What was shown last night was a PS3 exclusive preview into a previous seen level from the Battlefield 3 Fault Line series. In this video, Kevin O’Leary and another EA Games employee played a PS3 version of Battlefield 3, showing not only new menus, but a little more of the campaign, and how the game will feel, in they eyes of a noob.

Jimmy Fallon has a horrible show and I don’t really like the guy so I apologize in advance.  =)

We also got a first hand look at the games menus, and DICE have cease to disappoint with BF3.

Unfortunately, this appoints no new news to us, as first expected, still a nice touch to how the game will play!

UPDATE:Found new details about the ability to toggle firing modes, and flashlight

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New Battlefield 3 Screen Shots

A series of new Battlefield 3 screen shots have hit the Internet and they are freaking amazing! They are from Operation Metro and feature pieces from the Thunder Run Trailer. You can see the new Battlefield 3 Screens below and get all your Battlefield 3 Cheats at The new Battlefield 3 beta hits in September, watch for us to have the first fully working PC cheat then!

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Battlefield 3 Cheats New Trailer

Battlefield 3 Cheats just posted this brand new Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer. Check it out below and remember that as soon as the game is released we will have the first ever Battlefield 3 Cheats in the world. Our cheat will have over 50 features including aimbot, no recoil and more so keep checking back when the game is released.

First ever Battlefield 3 Cheats

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Battlefield 3 Hack Gameplay Video Leaked

Battlefield 3 Hack Gameplay Video Leaked

Someone got another video camera into GDC this year and took a secret video of the Battlefield 3 Hack Gameplay being shown off by DICE. We have no idea how long the video will stay online before EA has it removed so check it out asap!

Still Frames from the Battlefield 3 Hack Gameplay Video Leak

We posted these frame grabs from the Battlefield 3 Hack Video Leak so if it’s taken down you can still see some of the new goodies.

Download Battlefield 3 Hacks at Now!

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